We all like to be dressed in nature. Cotton and wool are the best natural fabrics in terms of their performance- they respond to your body offering full warmth and protection in times of trouble, and just enough circulation in times of warmth.

Over the course of many years, Mover has been immersed in the natural elements. In a search for greater performance, breathability and thermal regulation, we have designed a new generation of skiwear using natural fabrics, a collection which accompanies the skier through the mountain rather than confronting the natural weather conditions. Elegance, comfort and technical excellence dominate our line of clothing. 

The sharpness of our design translates into the brilliance of the technology behind. By eliminating the need for synthetic fibers and membranes, we reuse cotton and wool while also giving a new life to those materials. 


In line with a natural fiber philosophy, Mover has incorporated wild coyote fur in the collar of the Bomber and the Parka jackets, some of which are still on sale on our website. The fur was exclusively sourced in Canada and delivered with adequate permits and authorizations. The animals caught in nature under strict federal controls and regulations. 

We are continually trying to improve the choice of materials we work with. The worst replacement for us is  synthetic fur, mainly made of acrylic or nylon fibers, both of which have a disastrous impact on nature due to the release of micro-plastic particles into the environment. Plastic is toxic and unnecessary in our garments.

In terms of warmth and protection against snow and wind, natural fur is very hard to beat but we are working on this too. Our new models and developments use no fur as we are genuinely trying to have the least possible impact on nature.