M’s Shell Zip-In Jacket | Black Navy / White

Color: Black Navy / White 

The first cotton shell jacket, windproof, water resistant, fully seam sealed, incorporating an ultra light (282g) swisswool Alpaca padded zip-in blouson. A two in one, versatile, thermo-regulating, breathable jacket, for demanding skiers and ski tourers.

Technology + Features
High density canvas (100% cotton) 
Detachable nylon blouson with 
swisswool Alpaca insulation (90g) 
2 ventilation zippers 
8+2 pockets 
Fixed adjustable hood 
Machine washable

More colors

Black | Fern | Black Navy/Black | Black Navy/White | Saffron | Night Blue/White | Sky Black


Cotton patina

420,70 €


841,39 €