Mike Horn

South African native, Mover ambassador and extreme athlete, Mike Horn loves the maximum challenge. He’s either swimming down the Amazon river in the South American Jungle, conquering yet another « Eigth-thousander » in the Himalayas without oxygen assistance, undertaking a 20,000 kilometer long expedition along the polar circle in the coldest and harshest conditions on earth, or first man to cross the South Pole in full autonomy, 57 days, 5100 kilometers and negative 60°C temperatures. Mikes knows about equipment, and to what extent the reliability of natural fiber can save your life : in wool he trusts !

Steve Ravussin

Switzerland’s top sailor, Stève Ravussin is a multiple speed record owner and winner of the Route du Rhum, Jacques Vabre single-handed race and Nokia Oops Cup. Stève has been a pioneer in the use of merino wool on boats and offshore. Stève is attentive to pollution issues and circumnavigated the globe on board of RACE FOR WATER, his MOD70 trimaran to alert us about the dramatic plastic pollution problem in the Oceans. Nowadays, Stève Ravussin works on a machine that could help to reduce hydrocarbon waste by burning plastic trash without creating any toxic release, creating cheap energy for local communities. Be it in the mountain or by the sea, Stève wears wool and knows why.