Great ideas often come from observation. Much can be learned from nature too. One day, the owner of Mover (Nicolas Rochat), his dog Ferox, and a friend, were on a trek around the Grand Chavalard mountain, in Wallis, Switzerland. It was early November with strong wind, poor visibility and snow whipping everyone’s face and body. Walking through the piles of snow required a very demanding effort. The combination of exterior temperatures and internal heat generated by the physical effort inevitably created vapor inside the clothes. The harsh meteorological conditions gave way to an impossible conundrum: either to freeze while wearing an open jacket or to overheat in a closed coat.

Despite their outerwear, the hikers were suffering from the extreme weather conditions. The dog however, did not seem to be having any trouble. His fur was in fact immune to the weather conditions …

A few hours later, at the chalet, a warm fire awaited our friends. Ferox laid down so close to the hearth that Nicolas feared his dog would get burnt. In fact, Nicolas almost burnt himself trying to move the dog away, while Ferox was comfortably getting warm, unaffected by the extreme heat. 

And there lied the answer : natural wool keeps you warm when it is cold and protects you from the heat when it is warm: “Nothing Beats Nature”.

Biomimetism had always been at the start of our research for better clothes. Nature had already had billions of years of R&D. It knows what works the best while also remaining sustainable. Empirical experimentation along with participant observation had turned into a deep conviction which has now become the defining DNA of the brand. High-tech savoir-faire combined with nature’s best to create high-performance, luxury skiwear.