Like any natural fiber, our cotton jackets and trousers will age and develop a beautiful patina over time. The weather-resistant cotton fabric used by Mover is obtained through an extremely dense weaving process. This high density as well as the very nature of the cotton fiber itself make it more sensitive to color fading, namely through exposure to UV rays and abrasion.


As a consequence, your cotton garment will transform into a unique piece of clothing which will develop scars, marks and signs of discoloration as a result of its use and of your personal history.


This evolution is natural and does not affect, in any manner, the technical specificities of your garment, which will maintain its wind proof quality and weather resistance over time. However, an impregnation is recommended every 5 washes to re-establish the DWR (Durable Water repellency) on the surface of the fabric. We recommend the use of WaterBased Nikwax® Cotton Proof products adapted to cotton fabrics and PFC free.


Please note that patina is a genuine characteristic of the cotton fabric and will not be accepted as a warranty failure.