Sustainability Really Matters

Sustainability is all around. But what is meant by “sustainable” as related to the context of plastic pollution and microfiber release into our oceans?

Sustainability all the way to production...
Mover is a ski apparel brand that produces highly technical ski garments in a sustainable manner. Plastic membranes and synthetic fabrics are replaced by a high density natural (100%) cotton canvas (made in Switzerland), jackets and trousers lined with natural merino wool, and the warmest pieces insulated with wool fleece originating from a bunch of Swiss alpacas eating local grass close to the Simplon pass! And all pieces are made in Portugal.

As a result of the choice of material, Mover jackets and trousers offer extra comfort through their stunning breathability (no membrane), better thermal-regulation (no plastic), perfect weather protection (similar to Burberry® raincoats) and an overall feeling of luxury which results from a unique combination of noble raw materials.

.... and right to the distribution: choose one, give another
In the past, Mover garments were almost entirely based of Gore-Tex® fabrics. Today, the brand is getting out of the plastic world. To act in a responsible manner, rather than burning or destroying its ancient collections, Mover undertakes to offer a technical jacket to homeless people in Switzerland for every online purchase.

Share the warmth. A responsible initiative supported by Winterhilfe.